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News Music All Music Concerts. All Movies Film Reviews. You gotta check out. Does Dylan make good albums? Verse 1 I like a long hair, thick red bone Open up her legs then filet mignon that pussy I'ma get in and on that pussy If she let me in, i'ma own that pussy Gon throw it back and bust it open like you 'posed to Girl i got that dope dick, now come here, lemme dope you You gon be a dopefiend, your friends should call you Dopey Tell em keep my name out they mouth if they don't know me Unh, but you can call me Tune'che I'll fuck the whole group, baby im a groupie My sex game is stupid, my head is the dumbest I promise, i should be hooked on phonics, yeah But anyway, i think you're bionic And i don't think you're beautiful, i think you're beyond it And i just wanna get behind it And watch it back it up and dump it, back-back it up and dump it Related.

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Lil Wayne to MJ mourners: "Girl I got that dope dick"

Chorus Cuz we like her and we like her too And we like her and we like her too And we like her and we like her too And we like her and she like us too And ohhh. Lo after she had enough. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: In light of the somber tone of the evening, the performance would have been gauche enough. Aye Henny what I'm drinking, she got Remy in her cup She break down the weed, I break down the dutch Body like J'lo after high she had enough She caught contact, now she tryna fuck [Hook] I got a feeling that you might be high Do I turn you on? Verse 2 She be jumpin' up and down, tryna fit that ass in Took her half an hour just to get that belt to fasten All they want to talk about is partyin' and fashion Every single night i have a dream that i am smashin' them all Young Money man, this shit so timeless And im in the mood to get faded so please bring your finest And what are all your names again, we drunk, remind us Are any of y'all into girls like i am, let's be honest She wants me, she wants me Cuz i got it all shawty, tell me what you don't see I would fuck with all y'all, all of y'all are beautiful I just can't pick one so you can never say im choosey, hoes And Wayne say pussy, pussy, pussy And weed and alcohol seem to satisfy us all, damn And everytime i think of stayin' wit her She bring that friend around and make a nigga reconsider. You can tell me if I'm wrong Girl, I think you might be high And she don't even smoke But she swear I got that dope dick Love it when I fuck her and she's high Aye, high sex is the best sex Whenever she stressed She just want to get high Well, get high, baby Get high, baby [Verse 1] Is you rolling?

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  • Briar 26 days ago

    She is American and her name is Rachel Steele,

  • Carl 8 days ago

    Apart from image resolution, this is genius Gonna remember this one for years.

  • Callum 16 days ago

    Is she a 1&Done?