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I pee in stalls because when I was 6 an Asian guy tried to look at my dick and also I hate being in a urinal with 5 next to me and a guy walks in and pisses in the one next to me and also try's talking to me. Unless they have dividers between the urinals, the unwritten rules of the gents toilet say not to use a urinal adjacent to one in use. Unless we write these men off as liars, it is important to investigate their claims further. I never wiped myself after taking a pee and it does not cause any health issues so far. Its not too far fetched to think they have some sort of antibacterial ointment.

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While this piece stands as a veritable candiru Bible, collecting and analysing accounts from as early asit mostly deals with with speculation, hysteria and urban legend.

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Do men need to WIPE after urination?

D But if the first option is the case This could very well be the end of the story, were it not for one man. Dreadfort submitted 4 years ago by SmokinScotsman. After hours of surgery, urologist Dr Anoar Samad managed to extract the fish, dragging its carcass back out through the unfortunate patient's penis. Did it kill your dad? What ultimately emerges from this fishy tale is a message of science triumphing over superstition. Why when you take a dick picture must you squeeze the shaft?

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